Thai immigration police launch e-Extension system for visa

National News Bureau of Thailand
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(VOVWORLD) -Apart from tourism purposes, a significant number of foreigners enter Thailand for work, study, or long-term stay. This group of foreigners has had to get their visa extended every 3 months or 1 year and need to visit the immigration office each time. 
Thai immigration police launch e-Extension system for visa - ảnh 1

An improvement to the visa extension procedure has now been made so these individuals can file for an extension online using just 3 minutes of their time. The system test carried out in October was a success and the system proved to be functional.

The Royal Thai Police and its Immigration Bureau have launched an “e-Extension” system for foreigners to file for extensions to their stay in the kingdom. The “Electronics Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom” platform promises greater convenience for more than 200,000 people staying in Thailand for extensive periods. This annual figure is expected to rise continually. According to the police, long processing times have been the norm for those looking for a visa extension in the Bangkok area.

The “e-Extension” service promises a time input of just 3 minutes on the part of the user. It also promises to offer immigration authorities completion and safety in the visa extension process. For the current first phase, the system will be available only to foreigners who reside or work in Bangkok. 12 conditions for approval include tourism, teaching, studying, state duty, and specialist performance visas.