South Korea condemns North’s missile launches, Japan says they fall off its economic zone

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(VOVWORLD) - South Korea strongly condemns the North's series of ballistic missile launches as an act of significant provocation that harms peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said on Tuesday, urging Pyongyang to immediately stop such actions.

The JCS said North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) toward the eastern coast on Tuesday as it detected the launch from the Jangyon area in South Hwanghae province. The missiles flew some 620 kilometers, it added.

Japan’s Defense Minister said that neither of the missiles appeared to have landed within Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

The US Indo-Pacific Command said the launches don’t pose an immediate threat to its allies. It also said the US’s security commitment to South Korea and Japan remains “ironclad.”