Russia warns of consequences if there’s no replacement to New START

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(VOVWORLD) - The Kremlin has warned that the expiration of a key treaty to limit nuclear weapons is fast approaching and could affect global stability and security.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that negotiations on a nuclear arms deal to replace the New START treaty, which will expire in 2026, are long overdue. He said Russia has called for talks, but the US has shown no interest in substantive contact on the issue.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden said the US is ready to “expeditiously negotiate a new arms control framework to replace New START when it expires in 2026.” He asked Russia to demonstrate that it is ready to resume work on nuclear arms control with the US. 

Russia and the US signed New START in 2010. In February 2021, Moscow and Washington extended the treaty for another five years, until February 5, 2026.