Overseas Vietnamese welcome in Year of the Pig

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -The Canada-Vietnam Society (CVS) on Saturday hosted a Lunar New Year get-together for Vietnamese residing in Toronto. 

In his letter sent to the Society, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the contributions of the Canadians of Vietnamese origin and thanked the Society for promoting understanding of Vietnamese culture for the Vietnamese community in Canada. At the get-together, Canadians and Vietnamese enjoyed traditional Tet dishes, lion dances, performance of 16-chord zither, and a fashion show of ao dai, Vietnamese traditional dress.

Overseas Vietnamese welcome in Year of the Pig  - ảnh 1 Vietnamese in the Czech Republic celebrate Tet 

Tet festivals were held on Saturday night in Sapa Trade Center in Prague, the Czech Republic, recreating an ambience of the Lunar New Year, the biggest festival of Vietnamese in the year.