Over 3 million foreign arrivals logged in 2 months

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam hosted more than 3 million foreign tourists in January and February, increasing by 68.7% annually and almost equal to the pre-pandemic level.
Over 3 million foreign arrivals logged in 2 months - ảnh 1Vietnam hosted more than 3 million foreign tourists in January and February this year. (Photo: VNA)

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO) on Thursday, air travelers accounted for 84.2% of the sum, up 1.6 times compared to 2023 while road and sea passengers made up 12.8% and 3%, respectively.

The revenue from tourism services is estimated to reach 365.2 million USD), an annual rise of 35.8%.
In February alone, more than 1.5 million foreign visitors came to Vietnam, 1.3% higher than the previous month and 64.1% higher than the same period last year.
Experts attributed the result to favorable visa policies, stimulus programs, and the efforts of the government and people in promoting and marketing tourism over the past time.
Since August 15, 2023, Vietnam has officially issued electronic visas to citizens of all countries and extended the temporary residence period from 30 days to 90 days. Citizens of countries unilaterally exempted from visas to Vietnam, meanwhile, have their temporary residence period extended from 15 days to 45 days.
In 2023, Vietnam welcomed 12.6 million foreign tourists, nearly 3.5 times that in 2022. In January 2024 alone, the amount stood at over 1.5 million, equivalent to the same period in 2019 before the pandemic broke out.