Most Israelis oppose a counter-attack against Iran

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(VOVWORLD) -A new survey found that most Israelis do not support military retaliation against Iran for its recent attack so that de-escalation can have a chance, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said Tuesday.

Most Israelis oppose a counter-attack against Iran - ảnh 1Iran launches missiles and drones toward Israel. (Photo: Press TV)

Given that a counter-attack could undermine Israel's security alliance with its allies, 74 percent of those surveyed said they oppose counter-attacking at such a cost. 26 percent said they think Israel should strike back whatever the cost.

The survey was conducted on Monday with 1,466 adult respondents, a representative sample of the adult population of Israel.

According to analysts, the survey results reflect the Israeli public's view of the importance of relations between Israel and its allies given Israel's increasing isolation because of its offensive campaign in the Gaza Strip that has lasted more than 6 months and killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, mostly civilians.

After Iran's recent attack on Israel, many allied countries declared their solidarity and readiness to defend Israel, but warned Israel not to retaliate against Iran for fear that it could spark a major conflict in the Middle East.