More countries withdraw from UN migration pact

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(VOVWORLD) - Israel and Poland have jointed the US, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic in rejecting the UN migration pact, which is set to be adopted in December.
 More countries withdraw from UN migration pact  - ảnh 1

Migrants from Tijuana, Mexico, on their journey to the US on November 15, 2018 (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that Israel won’t participate in and won’t sign the migration pact, adding that Israel will continue to protect its borders against illegal infiltrators. The same day, the Polish government said it will not support the migrant pact because it may undermine national security or lead to a wave of illegal migration. 

An earlier migration pact was adopted by all 193 UN members, except the US. The new pact addresses technical issues like the portability of earnings by migrant workers, reducing the detention of migrants, and better managing the flows of migrants who have totaled 250 million, 3% of world population. The UN's Global Compact for Migration is set to be adopted at a conference in Morocco on December 10 and 11.