Israeli mask 99.95% protective against Delta variant

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(VOVWORLD) -The Israeli mask company Sonovia has announced that its fabric eliminates the COVID-19 Delta variant particles with over 99.95% effectiveness. 
Israeli mask 99.95% protective against Delta variant - ảnh 1

Sonovia's SonoMask is 99.95% effective in protecting against the Delta coronavirus strain.

(Source: SONOVIA)

Company founder Shuki Hershcovich said that the unique fabric, which is coated in zinc nanoparticles, also protects against H1N1.

Sonovia’s technology uses sound waves to inject silver and zinc particles into the textile that kills bacteria and viruses.

The technology is currently being applied to a wide range of products other than its trademark SonoMask, including seat covers for public transportation and airplane seats, bed sheets and pillowcases for the hospitality sector, and clothing.