Israel expands Jewish settlements in West Bank

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(VOVWORLD) - Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he has ordered his government to expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, an early test for the administration of US President-elect Joe Biden, who has been a fierce critic of projects built on land that the Palestinians claim for their future state. 
Israel expands Jewish settlements in West Bank - ảnh 1A settlement zone in Eastern Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank. (Photo: AFP/VNA) 

The Isreali government will approve or advance plans for 800 homes in several different settlements, including in one settlement it has yet to formally recognize. 

The announcement came with Mr. Netanyahu courting right-wing votes for an upcoming election and hurrying to offer his inducements before his close ally President Trump leaves office.

Recent polls suggest that Netanyahu will need to expand his support among right-wing and religious factions to fight off his challenger and retain his post as Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.