Indian media reveals bucket list for travellers heading to Vietnam

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(VOVWORLD) - Neeta Lal, a Delhi-based journalist and editor of Indian website Moneycontrol, recommended a series of bucket-list destination for travelers to Vietnam.
Indian media reveals bucket list for travellers heading to Vietnam - ảnh 1Phu Quoc Island is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. (Photo: VOV)

According to Lal, with its jaw dropping natural wonders, lush green rice paddies, scintillating streetscapes, and delectable food, direct connectivity with over a dozen Indian cities, ands a seamless online visa facility, the country’s charms are irresistible.

Lal noted that as the capital city, Hanoi offers the perfect gateway to this fascinating and complex nation.

“A melting pot of a myriad cultures and cuisines, it is reflective of the nation’s syncretic heritage that embraces people from different nationalities,” the writer noted.

Lal suggested that visitors should pick up bolts of fabric, beautiful handicrafts, bamboo bric-à-brac, Vietnamese hats, paintings, edible treats, and handbags for souvenirs.

With over 3,000 km of coastline, Vietnam is speckled with salubrious beaches offering velveteen sands, succulent seafood, and adrenaline-spiking aqua activities, the writer added. 

“The highly Instagrammable Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam has been voted by Time Magazine as one of the world’s top 100 most amazing islands, its periwinkle waters brimming with coral reefs, over 150 species of tropical fish and other exotica,” Lal wrote on Moneycontrol.

Lal recommended a visit to the fertile Mekong Delta, a charming countryside area in southern Vietnam.

The writer stressed that it is a dense cluster of provinces which offers travelers an in-depth exploration of a floating population, the lush beauty of endless rice paddies, and fruit orchards which are under the expert guidance of friendly locals who depend on the river for sustenance.

“Book a rural escapade into serene villages or go for a sampan (gondola) ride along narrow creeks and canals to experience riverine life up close. Taking a cycling tour through lush green paddies is another good idea as also signing up for a Mekong River Cruise, a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Lal suggested.

“Vietnamese cuisine is a symphony of flavours,” the journalist highlighted.

“Seafood mined fresh from the ocean, luscious tropical fruit, aromatic herbs and spices find their way into habit-forming dishes,” the writer concluded.