Ho Chi Minh City named among Asia’s top 10 best street food cities

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(VOVWORLD) -Canadian travel magazine The Travel has listed Ho Chi Minh City among top 10 Asian cities that can be considered a dream for every street food lover. 
Ho Chi Minh City named among Asia’s top 10 best street food cities - ảnh 1Ho Chi Minh City has been named among Asia’s top 10 best street food cities by The Travel (Photo: Internet)

The magazine stated that the continent is one of the best places to be for those who like to eat. However, for those craving street food, Asia is a particularly delicious ride.

“Asia's economy, both social and financial, thrives on street food,” The Travel noted. Ho Chi Minh City ranked second in the list. “Street food is a way of life in Vietnam,” it stressed.

The Travel revealed that while most eateries dish out their bánh mì (baguette sandwiches), cháo mực (squid porridge), and xá xíu (barbecued pork) from old-fashioned restaurants, plastic chairs and tables on the pavement are where locals prefer to eat their meals.

In fact, some stalls even specialize in Vietnamese coffee and pouring cold Saigon beer while belting out local tunes via loudspeakers. The magazine suggested that visitors hop onto a Vespa and whizz through the vast streets of Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy a street food experience unlike any other.

Elsewhere, the Indian city of Delhi topped the list due to its incredibly-unique street food. The Travel said that Indian food offers a taste of history through the culinary imprints left behind by the many emperors that ruled the city and the traders that occupied its streets.

Rounding off the list is Osaka (Japan), Seoul (Republic of Korea), Singapore, Penang (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Manila (Philippines), and Hong Kong (China).