Geneva to begin driverless bus service from 2025

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(VOVWORLD) - 24-hour driverless electric bus will hit the streets in Geneva, Switzerland, from 2025, Swiss Broadcasting Corporation website reported Thursday.
Geneva to begin driverless bus service from 2025 - ảnh 1A driverless bus was tested on a hospital site, east of Geneva city centre in 2020. (Photo:

Geneva has been chosen as one of three European test sites for a full-scale driverless public bus service, part of the Horizon Europe ULTIMO mobility initiative.

Other test sites are Kronach of Germany and Oslo of Norway. A total of 45 vehicles will be deployed, including 15 in Geneva.

By offering door-to-door, on-demand, 24-hour transport, the service will be of higher quality. It will also avoid empty trips during off-peak hours and thus reduce costs. By responding to demand in real time, queuing and congestion around stations could be avoided.