Earthquake in Taiwan (China): Death toll continues to rise

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(VOVWORLD) - The death toll of a 7.3-magnitude earthquake in China's Taiwan has risen to 13, local authorities confirmed on Saturday.
Earthquake in Taiwan (China): Death toll continues to rise - ảnh 1Rescue efforts are underway (Photo: AFP/VNA)

According to Taiwanese authorities, in the past 2 days, authorities have discovered 3 more bodies, bringing the total number of victims killed by the earthquake to 13. After the first 72 hours since the disaster occurred, the survival rate of victims is said to plummet. However, rescue forces are still patiently searching for 6 missing people in Hualien district, which was most heavily affected by the earthquake.

On April 3, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred in the sea near Hualien county, resulting in many aftershocks. The strongest earthquake in Taiwan in 25 years has injured more than 1,100 people. Hundreds of people are still taking shelter in the Tianxiang area, while helicopters are mobilized to transport the injured and bring supplies as aftershocks continue to occur.
The local authorities said Turkey would send a 7-member rescue team to support search and rescue work. This is the first foreign rescue team to arrive in Taiwan since the earthquake.