Dragon-themed product sales surge

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - As the Year of the Dragon takes flight in China, a fiery trend has emerged with dragon-themed products taking center-stage across various consumer categories.

Data from e-commerce platform Taobao show that searches for dragon-related products have surged by 640-fold from Dec 27 to Jan 2. Among these, gold jewelry in the shape of dragons saw a 500-fold increase in search volume.

"Dragons are considered symbols of authority and honor in Chinese culture, and gold, which serves as both jewelry and a safe-haven asset, is particularly welcomed as the Spring Festival approaches. Buyers seeking dragon-shaped gold jewelry are hoping for good luck in the new year," said Xie Zhihui, deputy head of e-commerce sales at Chow Tai Seng, a Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed gold brand.

E-commerce giant JD.com reported an explosion in online searches for dragon-related merchandise, recording over 23 million searches in the first three weeks of January alone. This trend has also led to a significant uptick in sales of dragon-themed hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing. The transaction volume has nearly doubled compared to the previous year, reflecting the market's fascination with the mythical creature.