Countries to give vaccine booster to the immunocompromised

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(VOVWORLD) - People with weaker immune systems should receive an additional shot of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, an advisory group to the World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday.
Countries to give vaccine booster to the immunocompromised - ảnh 1                         Illustrative image (Photo: UN/Mohammad Abu Ghoush)

Their report said that moderately or severely immunocompromised persons should be given an additional dose of a WHO-approved vaccine “since these individuals are less likely to respond adequately to vaccination following a standard primary vaccine series and are at high risk of severe COVID-19 disease.”

Belgium will give third shots to people with a reduced immunity against the coronavirus starting on Wednesday. This decision by Belgium's regional and federal health ministers aims to provide additional protection for people over 65, in particular those in nursing homes and with co-morbidities.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said Tuesday that the government is planning to start administering third doses of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan in December. Preparation for the 3rd injection is being promoted so that it can be deployed free to recipients as of December this year.

Argentina's government on Tuesday launched a program to give the COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 3-11 after the idea was approved by the Argentine National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT). The vaccination program for children will be implemented simultaneously across the country in order to achieve the goal of ending 2021 with full coverage and protection for everyone over 3 years of age.