Bulgaria to join Eurozone in 2024

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(VOVWORLD) -From January 1, 2024, Bulgarians will pay with Euros in stores. 
Bulgaria to join Eurozone in 2024 - ảnh 1(Photo: AFP / VNA)

This is the indicative date for Bulgaria's entry into the Euro area and is mentioned in a draft amendment to the decree of the Council of Ministers, which regulates the activities of the Coordination Council for preparation of Bulgaria for membership of the Euro area.

The Council’s Working Party on Consumer Protection will monitor the recalculation of prices from Bulgarian lev (BGN) to Euro (EUR) in order to overcome the vicious practice of sellers rounding up prices. A campaign for a "fair introduction of the euro" will also be initiated.

Bulgaria has promoted its application to join the Eurozone since 2018. Currently, the Eurozone includes 19 of the 27 member countries of the European Union (EU).