British researcher praises richness and diversity of Vietnamese culture

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - According to British researcher of Vietnamese politics and history Kyril Whittaker, Vietnamese culture is extraordinarily rich and diverse, likewise the Vietnamese people are extraordinarily creative and diverse.

British researcher praises richness and diversity of Vietnamese culture - ảnh 1Hue Imperial Citadel draws both domestic and international visitors. (Photo: VNA)

The British researcher, who is a member of the Communist Party of Britain, said in the UK he has a poster with a quotation from Uncle Ho which he believes describes the variety of culture and people of Vietnam in an apt fashion: “Every person is a beautiful flower; Vietnam is a beautiful flower forest.”

He believed this shows the uniqueness of Vietnam, in that its culture is rich and diverse like a large flower forest, each unique flower contributing to the beauty of the garden.

According to him, Vietnam, first of all, is filled with a rich culture inherited from its history. This can be seen evident in its artistic and architectural designs in historic cities like Hue and Hanoi with their ancient temples, including the historic Temple of Literature and the One Pillar Pagoda, filled with history which is renowned and preserved beautifully for everyone to see and learn from.

Vietnam is also filled with a culture of industriousness and creativity, which can be seen through the existence of craft villages in many places across Vietnam. Crafted vases, colorful plates, bowls, ornamental pieces and other craft items seen in restaurants and in stores across the country, made by hard working family businesses with care, craft and attention, many of which have been carrying on their craft for generations, are a good example to other countries of how to preserve history and culture in a harmonious way, he said.

There are also many modern artistic movements which highlight the rich culture of Vietnam by building on previous artistic styles, such as the ‘Hoa Kim Sa’ movement in which enamel painting and metalwork are fused paying tribute to the traditional ‘Phap Lam’ artistic style in Hue’s mausoleums. Vietnam also has a thriving fashion and textiles scene, as well as world famous cuisine and a variety of cultural heritage sites.

Because of Vietnam’s deep history and its vibrant creativity, it is also a highly modern and ever-changing culture. Recently newer landmarks have become popular tourist attractions on social media such as the Golden bridge. The researcher said day to day culture in Vietnam is his favourite aspect, pointing out that history and creativity is paired alongside delicious street food, amazing coffee shops, fun family parties with karaoke and traditional forms of music, or floating markets and water culture festivals in the southwestern region.

Whittaker said after he lived in Vietnam for over a year and made many friends, particularly in Can Tho and Ca Mau and Hanoi, Vietnam has a deep place in his heart largely due to its unique culture and its amazing people. He has come to regard the country as his second home, saying Vietnamese people have always shown him a kindness and joy that he can never forget. To summaries the people of Vietnam in a few words, he would say: friendly, fun, industrious, creative, knowledgeable and culturally rich.