Boris Johnson urges EU to clarify stance on Brexit

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(VOVWORLD) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged EU leaders to list their concerns in detail about Britain leaving the bloc.
Boris Johnson urges EU to clarify stance on Brexit - ảnh 1British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Photo: VNA)

He said Britain has made significant concessions in order to reach a deal. He told reporters during a visit to a hospital on the outskirts of London that Britain has proposed a “reasonable compromise” and hopes the EU will state their position clearly. He said if the EU has problems with any proposal included in the plan, the two sides should discuss them thoroughly. Johnson emphasized that it’s time for the EU to clarify its objections.

EU officials have warned that the UK's current Brexit proposals don’t offer a breakthrough on the threshold of the upcoming EU summit. They said if no tentative deal is reached prior to the EU summit on October 17, Britain and the EU will face either a no-deal Brexit or a postponement.