America remains hardest hit by COVID-19

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(VOVWORLD) - As of Tuesday, there had been more than 281 million COVID-19 infections and 5.4 million deaths globally, according to 
America remains hardest hit by COVID-19 - ảnh 1An Argentinian resident receives COVID-19 vaccine in Buenos Aires. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

The WHO says America is the hardest-hit region with 100.5 million infections and 2.4 million deaths.

Israel’s Ministry of Health said the number of infections recorded in Israel on Monday exceeded 2,000, half of which are from the Omicron variant.

The Japanese government has taken stronger steps to contain the Omicron variant, while staying flexible on some regulations so as not to damper socio-economic activities.

France saw a 5th wave of infections during Christmas. The government hasn’t imposed social distancing, set curfew hours, or closed schools, but said it will strengthen existing protocols.