Young people flock to white reed field in Long Bien district for romantic photos

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - The embankment that runs alongside the Red river in Long Bien district of Hanoi is bustling these days due to many young people snapping photos that show white reeds in full bloom.

The white reed field located on Long Bien-Xuan Quan road has become a hugely popular destination among the people of Hanoi over the past week.

The white reed flowers, which are about knee high, stand out on a green background of grass, serving to create romantic scene.

The white reed field stretches across a large space for visitors to enjoy.

At weekends and even on normal days, the site is crowded amid people flocking to snap check-in photos.

Parents bring their children to take lovely pictures at the field.

The best time in which to take pictures with reeds is during the early morning and in the late afternoon.