Unique cultural features of Ha Nhi Hoa ethnic minority people

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Ha Nhi Hoa ethnic group residing in Vietnam's northwestern region live close to nature, with their unique costumes reflecting this habitat.

The clothes worn by Ha Nhi Hoa ethnic minority people are as colorful as flowers in the forest. They live close to nature and they reflect nature in their own clothes. In the photo, Nguyen Thi Phuong Uyen, Miss Hoa Ban 2023, models the Ha Nhi Hoa ethnic costume.

The dominant color is red, which is combined with white, yellow, and green patterns. The ethnic women often wear hats that feature beautiful tassels.

The costume of Ha Nhi Hoa women is relatively intricate, consisting of a hat, a blouse, a waistband, and a brassiere.

The blouse consists of two layers, with the shorter one being worn on the outside and a long main layer worn on the inside.

The blouses are then embroidered with the unique motifs of the group, combining simple and complex patterns, such as chain embroidery, multiple-shaped embroidery, or traditional dash embroidery designs.

Each costume worn by the Ha Nhi Hoa women is a unique work of art which truly reflects human life and the relationship that the ethnic people have with the mountains and forests.

Making and wearing traditional clothes is one way to preserve the unique culture for future generations to continue.