Unique ceramic art to welcome lunar year of dragon 2024

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - A collection featuring 100 ceramic works depicting dragon by Vietnamese artist Pham Van Tuyen will make its public debut to celebrate the New Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024. 

Tuyen’s pottery workshop in Hai Phong city has been busy for several months to debut a collection of 100 ceramics in order to welcome the upcoming New Lunar Year. (Photo: VOV)

The collection is themed “Dance of one hundred dragons" (Photo: VOV)

Each work is 60 cm to 100 cm in size. (Photo: VOV)

The collection draws inspiration from the story of Vietnamese legendary parents Lac Long Quan and Au Co. (Photo: VOV)

Tuyen chose glaze available between the early Le Dynasty (1428–1527) and the Mac Dynasty (1527–1677), making his collection a serious study with a modern take on traditional and historical values. (Photo: VOV)

The artist aims to convey wishes of good fortune to all who come to admire them. (Photo: VOV)

His best work will be displayed in early 2024 at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts in Hanoi. (Photo: VOV)

(Photo: VOV)

(Photo: VOV)

(Photo: VOV)

(Photo: VOV)