Traditional Duong Son sun-dried noodles – a well-kept tradition in Da Nang City

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The traditional craft of making dried noodles and vermicelli is a well-maintained trade in Duong Son Village, in the coastal city of Da Nang. These handmade products are now available in many provinces in the Central and Central Highlands regions.

(Photo: VOV)

The most important step in creating Duong Son dried noodles is selecting high-quality rice to create a soft and elastic texture. (Photo: VOV)

The turmeric-dyed golden noodles are rolled up and sun-dried. (Photo: VOV)

Duong Son Village’s time-tested method for fermenting the dough has produced some of the highest quality noodles. (Photo: VOV)

The golden noodles are evenly cut and also have a wonderful flavor. (Photo: VOV)

Since nearly 90% of the noodle-making process is done manually, the noodles’ natural flavors are preserved, making them a popular alternative to machine-made noodles. (Photo: VOV)

Duong Son noodles making requires meticulous care every step of the way with lots of hard work. (Photo: VOV)

The noodles are sun-dried and will last longer. (Photo: VOV)

To make it to the shelves, every batch of Duong Son noodles must hold to a long list of food hygiene and safety standards. (Photo: VOV)

Despite the hard work and relatively modest income, Duong Son villagers take pride in preserving their traditional noodle-making craft. (Photo: VOV)

These batches of beautiful sun-dried noodles will soon get packaged, and shipped nationwide. (Photo: VOV)