Scent of pomelo flowers fills streets of Hanoi

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(VOVWORLD) - Late-February and early-March is the season when pomelo flowers are in full bloom in Vietnam, including Hanoi, with the sweet scent of pomelo in every street corner.

Pomelo flowers are in full bloom for a short time, usually for only between two to three weeks, before they swiftly fade and begin to produce fruits. The cold weather is usually considered the optimum weather condition for pomelo trees to blossom.

At this time of year, street vendors carrying pomelo flower baskets are often found on main streets around Hanoi such as Xa Dan, Pham Ngoc Thach, and Kim Ma.

Pomelo flowers are also used to add flavors for some of Hanoi’s specialties like lotus seed sweet soup or to create an aroma for tea or dried Arrowroot Starch, all of which are tasty dishes and drinks for the local people.

After the buds start to bloom, the flowers are then cut and divided into smaller bunches.

The prices of pomelo flowers in bunches range between 7USD and 10 USD per kilogram.

These flowers have cheaper prices, hovering around 5 USD to 7 USD per kilogram.

The simple rustic white flowers have won the hearts of people in the capital thanks to their sweet and seductive fragrance.

During the pomelo flower season, Hanoians usually purchase a few clusters of flowers to decorate their houses or offices.

As the season is changing, people may feel a little bit uncomfortable. However, with a small branch of pristine white pomelo flowers on hand, it dispels all of the downheartedness with their fabulous aroma.

Some people place them on their family’s altar as offerings to ancestors.

Pomelo flowers are one of the most popular items during the spring season.

The scent of the flowers is a typical feature of Hanoi’s streets every spring.