Golden rice paints the terraces in Mang Den

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Since late May, Kon Tu Rang Village in Mang Den Town has transformed with its terraced fields turning a vibrant yellow, offering travelers a view of the harvest season.

(Photo: FB Hi Măng Đen)

Kon Plong District is located 10 km from the center of Mang Den Town. It is now in its most beautiful season of the year. (Photo: FB Hi Mang Den)

Unlike regular fields in the plains, Mang Den terraced fields are irregular plots overlapping each other. Each plot has a different color, creating an interweaving color transition. (Photo:

In Kon Tu Rang, people do not bring rice to the village but store it in rice warehouses scattered among the fields. (Photo: FB Hi Măng Đen)

When the ripe rice season in the Northwest is majestic and magnificent, the Kon Tu Rang terraced fields are gentle and peaceful. (Photo: Do Do/

The rice fields in Kon Tu Rang are gradually turning yellow and ready for harvest. (Photo: (Photo: FB Ghiền Măng Đen)

Visitors hike to get to the terraced fields in Kon Tu Rang as the slope is quite high and has sharp turns. (Photo: Le Ngoc Minh/

Kon Tu Rang is one of many attractive tourist destinations for young people. (Photo: FB La Mang Den)

From the field, visitors can trek to Ngoc Le Peak to have a panoramic view of the Kon Tu Rang terraced fields. (Photo: Do Do/