Exploring Tua Chua in Dien Bien province

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(VOVWORLD) -Tua Chua is a mountainous district of Dien Bien province, mainly inhabited by the Mong ethnic group. 

Photo of Tua Chua hidden in the clouds (Photo: Hai Giang) Most of the Tua Chua area are rocky mountains and limestone mountains with a few rivers and streams. It has a fresh and cool climate all year round. Tua Chua has many pristine and majestic natural landscapes.

Ta Phin ancient stone beach, Tua Chua, Dien Bien (Photo: Hai Giang)

Trails run between the mountains and rocky fields (Photo: VNA)

The road to a Hmong village is lined with stone fences (Photo: VNA)

The roads surrounding the rocky mountains (Photo: VNA)

(Photo: VNA)

The beautiful scenery of the rocky plateau fascinates people (Photo: VNA)

The houses of ethnic minorities are located among the rocky mountains (Photo: VNA) Tua Chua reveals a unique beauty every season, but it is most beautiful from September to May. Visitors to the area at this time of the year can enjoy the cool and fresh air and admire the colourful ripe rice crops in the terraced fields.

The golden autumn colors on the terraced fields on the rocky slopes creates a rare beauty (Photo: dulichdienbien.vn)

Photo: dulichdienbien.vn During the ripe rice season, the fields turn a golden color and attract many tourists.

(Photo: dulichdienbien.vn)

(Photo: dulichdienbien.vn)

(Photo: dulichdienbien.vn)

Mong Tua ethnic people in Tua Chua pick ancient tea (Photo: Hai Giang's photo)

Visitors will be captivated by the smiles of local children (Photo: VNA)