Experiencing West Lake lotus tea making in Hanoi

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(VOVWORLD) - Lotus tea, one of the best Vietnamese tea, is considered a unique gift from Hanoi. Experiencing the traditional lotus tea making Quang An Village, Tay Ho District, is a good suggestion travelers should not miss during their trip to the capital city.

The lotus harvesting season in the West Lake usually starts in May and ends in July.

Early morning in summer, local villagers bring back home lotus flowers which they pick from the West Lake in Tay Ho District.

A local villager is busy harvesting lotus to meet the growing demand in summer.

From 4 am, local villagers have to get up to pick lotus flowers. The petal peeling also needs to be finished before mid-day to preserve the fragrance of the flowers.

Locals classify lotuses before making tea.

Some lotus flowers are for sale.

Artisan Nguyen Thi Dan, her family and workers gather to peel off the petals to get the lotus anther as fast as possible.

An American tourist joins making lotus tea.

Nguyen Thi Dan is one of a few artisans well-known for traditional lotus tea making in Quang An Village, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Ms. Dan and her descendants gather to peel off petals to get the lotus anther for lotus tea making.

The lotus anther is an indispensable ingredient of lotus tea.

US tourist Seth Griffin shares that he is impressed by meticulous process of making lotus tea.

1,500 lotus flowers are needed to scent some three kilograms of tea.