Colorful floating cakes at Cold Food Festival

Van Nga
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - In Vietnam, Troi cakes (floating cakes) are associated with the Cold Food Festival held on the 3rd day of the third lunar month, when Vietnamese people make a plate of Troi cakes for their ancestors to pray for good luck and health.  

Main ingredients of Troi and Chay cakes

Glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, shredded coconut

Ingredients for lean cakes include peeled green beans, warm water, sugar, tapioca flour, grapefruit blossom oil, vanilla, and roasted white sesame. Both cakes are made from glutinous rice flour, which reflects the importance of rice in Vietnam’s wet rice culture.

Traditional floating cakes are small white balls made of brown sugar wrapped in glutinous rice flour. Lean cakes are filled with mung bean paste and sprinkled with roasted sesame and shredded coconut.

The cakes are favorites for people with a sweet tooth. The original cakes were white and round, symbolizing the pure things in life.

Today people prefer more colorful cakes.

The colorful cakes are eye-catching. The colors come from pandan leaves, turmeric, carrots, magenta leaves, and various fruits.