Breathtaking beauty of Hon Kho in dry season

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - From May to July, Hon Kho attracts the most tourists, drawn by the dreamy beauty of the dry season and the lush seaweed.

Located about 18 km north of Quy Nhon, Hon Kho in Nhon Hai commune is renowned for its near-shore coral reefs and stunning seaweed beds, which captivate both tourists and photographers. (Photo: Nguyen Gia/VTC News)

Seaweed season in Hon Kho lasts from May to July. Photo: Binhdinhlove.

Clusters of seaweed, both small and large, appear on the sea's surface, creating a magical scene. Photo: Nguyen Gia/VTC News.

This is the most beautiful time of year for Hon Kho, as the receding tide reveals moss that turns the entire sea yellow. Photo: Hon Kho Trip.

During seaweed season, many sea creatures like fish, shrimp, squid, and plankton come here to breed and grow. The government has banned seaweed harvesting to protect the ecosystem, allowing only seafood harvesting using single or double baskets to easily open the nets. Photo: Hon Kho Trip.

From above, the yellow seaweed mixed with the blue sea creates a stunning natural picture. Photo: Hon Kho Trip.

With its diverse marine ecosystem and dense coral reefs, Hon Kho beach is stunningly beautiful. Photo: Fishing Village - Nhon Hai.

Tourists go diving to see coral at Hon Kho. Photo: Xuan Sang/

Sea activities are varied and enjoyable. Visitors can choose to row a basket boat. Photo: CocoCamp Hon Kho

Photo: Hon Kho SUP

The dry season here attracts both adults and children who love to explore nature. Photo: Nguyen Gia/VTC News

Photo: VTC News