Ban flowers lure tourists to Dien Bien

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Ban (Bauhinia) flowers are blooming across the streets and forests in Dien Bien province, drawing visitors near and far.

Dien Bien province, host of the 2024 National Tourism Year, is organizing various cultural, tourism, and sports events across the province. The annual Ban Flower Festival to be organized in mid-March is part of activities to showcase local heritages to visitors.

The Ban flower festival and the 2024 National Tourism Year will take place in March in Dien Bien province.

On streets across in Dien Bien Phu city and national highways, along the hillsides, leaves are turning yellow and falling, making way for fresh green buds and blossoms.

On the main roads, young people in vibrant attire pose for photos trying to capture the beauty of early spring.

Each fragile white petal dances in the breeze

The ban flower, a modest bloom in the Northwest highlands, holds deep ties to the traditional cultures of the local ethnic groups.

Ban flowers bloom are showing off their beauty to welcome the Dien Bien National Tourism Year 2024.