Apricot tree attracts customers despite high prices

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(VOVWORLD) - Customers have spent tens of millions of VND on purchasing apricot trees of various shapes which have gone on sale in Hanoi to celebrate the Lunar New Year, known locally as Tet.

In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, all kinds of flowers and ornamental plants are sold across the capital. In addition to kumquats and peaches, apricot trees prove to be popular with many customers, despite expensive prices of up to tens of million of VND.

The most common apricot tree proves to be the white apricot flower, a rare flower which previously only appearedamong wealthy families during Tet in the past.

An owner of a bonsai garden in Lao Cai province says that this year the garden had transported about 200 apricot and peach trees from Sapa to Hanoi for sale.

"After three days, I sold more than 60 trees. To make it easier for customers to choose, the gardener brought down trees worth from VND1 million and VND35 million,” Thu added.

Unlike other flowers, the apricot genus features dark pink buds. When the flowers bloom they are pure white andevenly spaced. In addition, as the flowers fade the flower style will gradually change to red.

Most apricot trees bloom twice in the spring, during Tet, and in February. At that time, the apricot tree produces pure white flowers.

Apricot trees have no fruit, with flower propagation done by cuttings, leading to high prices as it requires a lot of effort and great technique.

Despite the high prices, apricot trees prove to be extremely attractive to buyers.

Rough and sinewy tree trunks and stumps symbolise the image of a strong and upright gentleman.

This type of flower requires very meticulous care.

According to longtime bonsai hobbyists, the apricot tree represents an upright and pure lifestyle.

The white flower colour symbolises both luck and peace.

The Sa Pa apricot trees are covered with moss all over their bodies, with buds growing all over their branches. This serves to bring out the typical beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests.