Bach Long bridge sets Guinness World Records

Le Phuong
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(VOVWORLD) - Moc Chau is a popular tourist destination in Son La province. It has a cool climate, majestic mountains, and picturesque green valleys. Recently Moc Chau opened the Bach Long glass-bottomed bridge, a fantastic work which has set Guinness World Records.
Bach Long bridge sets Guinness World Records - ảnh 1Bach Long glass bridge is 632 m long and hangs 150 m above the ground. (photo:

The glass-bottomed bridge spans a lush, wooded valley at the Moc Chau Island tourism resort, about 10km from Moc Chau district. A few months after its inauguration, Bach Long bridge was declared the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge by Guinness World Records. 

The bridge is 632 m long and hangs 150 m above the ground. The deck is made of 40mm thick glass panels supplied by French company Saint Gobain.

The bridge’s lighting and sound system uses 9D audio technology to produce 60 audio-visual effects to dazzle people walking on the bridge. The bridge’s cable suspension system, imported from Korea, can support 450 people at the same time. Kuraray company, Ltd of Japan has certified its conformance to international standards.

Bach Long bridge looks like a white silk strip ribbon stretched above Moc Chau’s mountains and forests. Standing on the bridge, visitors can fully appreciate the area’s natural beauty.

Bach Long bridge sets Guinness World Records - ảnh 2The inauguration of Bach Long glass bridge in Moc Chau Island resort, Son La province (photo:

Gleen Polard, representative of the World Records Organization, said: "I have to say it's the feast of engineering. They are superb. It’s incredible engineering to span a gap like that and put a pass way along the cliffs. We walk along that and feel safe." 

The glass floor, 150m above the ground provides a breathtaking view and is thrilling to walk on. At one end of the bridge is Holy Bird cave and its fascinating stalactites. The cave is associated with the legend of a divine bird which has been told and retold for centuries.

At 6 pm every day, the bridge is lit up with shimmering colored lights to the delight of visitors staying overnight at the Moc Chau Island resort.

“This is the first time I’ve walked on a glass bridge. I was very scared and sweaty. I didn't dare to look down. But I really wanted to overcome my fear and meet the challenge of crossing a glass bridge,” said a visitor.

A visitor shares his experience: “I’ve crossed other glass bridges in Vietnam. This is the most beautiful, most superb bridge. In the middle of Vietnam’s northwestern mountains, it’s a thrill to walk on a glass bridge between two mountains.”

Almost all visitors said that the natural scenery and the architecture of the bridge create an exciting feeling for everyone. It’s is an artistic combination between nature and man-made works.

The Bach Long glass bridge has been recognized as the world’s longest cliff-side path by Guinness World Records and the world's longest glass-bottomed bridge by the World Record Association and the EU’s Official World Record.

Nguyen Thi Hoa, Vice Chairwoman of Moc Chau district People’s Committee, said the bridge expects to welcome about 700,000 visitors a year. “Bach Long bridge is a new tourism site which is very attractive to visitors because of it’s world records. We hope many more people will visit Moc Chau to see this wonder. The Moc Chau Island resort promises to generate hundreds of jobs.”

Phung Quang Thang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Travel Association, said the Bach Long glass bridge is the pride of Son La province.

“Bach Long bridge is a fantastic tourist attraction. It will attract many tourists to Son La province. Tourism companies are now diversifying their products and services and linking many tourist attractions.”

Videos and photos of Bach Long bridge have appeared on CNN, AFP, Business Insider, New York Post, USA Today, Indian Express, and many other media sites. The Daily Mail called the bridge an architectural wonder.