Young people spread green lifestyle

Minh Tham
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -With the effects of climate change growing dramatically, every citizen has become more aware of the urgent need to protect the environment. In Ho Chi Minh City, more and more young people are collecting trash and doing other things to involve the community in cleaning up the environment.
Young people spread green lifestyle - ảnh 1The amount of batteries the "House with many leaves" group receives after the “Exchanging plants for used batteries” is launched in the first two days.  (Photo: VOV)

Recently a green lifestyle has been promoted by exchanging plants for used batteries. This activity is designed to make the public more aware of the harmful effects of dumping old batteries into the environment.

Hoang Quy Binh, the founder of a group called "House with many leaves", which is affiliated with HCMC’s Green Life movement, said, “We’ve collected 50,000 batteries. After the first 2 days of the event more than 2,000 people were participating. We look forward to seeing more people get involved.”

My Hoa, a resident of HCMC, says many youths have brought in used batteries collected at home, school, or work.

“This project is interesting. Many people don’t understand that batteries can be harmful and just throw them away in a dustbin, so the first thing we must do is  make people aware of the risk. Exchanging green plants for the batteries appeals to everyone, young or old. Every day every person should feel a greater sense of responsibility for the environment,” said Hoa.

Young people spread green lifestyle - ảnh 2Flowerpots are presented to those bringing in used batteries (Photo: VOV)

Another environmental protection activity embraced by young people in Ho Chi Minh City is the "No garbage market" in Binh Thanh district. The market sells mostly green products, used items, and handicrafts.

Dang Quang Minh Tuan, a first-year student at the HCMC University of Food Industry, who founded the market model, said the purpose is to reduce waste. “Current environmental issues are urgent. That's why our mission is to spread awareness of the need to protect the environment,” said Tuan.