Vietnamese word chess, a fun new game

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese word chess evolved from the elegant word play of previous generations. It encourages beautiful life values, integration, and actions for success. At Spring Festivals at the Hoan Kiem Lake Cultural Center and the Temple of Literature, Vietnamese word chess has attracted many players.

Vietnamese word chess, a fun new game  - ảnh 1Vietnamese word chess created by Bui Chinh Hung (photo: VOV)

Bui Chinh Hung, the creator of Vietnamese word chess, explained the game’s rules to Nguyen Dinh Duy. It’s easy to learn and the words written on the chess pieces matter, said Duy. “This is a meaningful game. When playing, I learn 4 things needed to be a good businessman and build a company. I want to build a company on these principles – the right mindset, good methods, good actions, and a definition of what will constitute the company's success. Word chess is easy to learn. The rules are quite simple. It’s more important that, while playing, you think of the game’s far-reaching implications."

Mai Phuong Thao played Vietnamese word chess and related it to her life and career. “The game reflects reality very closely. I learn about Vietnamese culture. The game reminds me of proverbs and sayings about work and behavior. When playing chess, I’m more patient and think about my future life,” said Thao.

Vietnamese word chess arouses curiosity and allures players because it is very different from other types of chess. It’s also called Business Chess. It simulates competition between businesses to win talented people. Other chess games simulate battles between countries whose leaders are Kings and Generals.

Game developer Bui Chinh Hung says the game teaches valuable lessons to those who love the game and want to understand the meaning of the pieces.

“It is suitable for today's integration and it takes less than 10 minutes to learn the rules. But to play well, you have to practice and learn more. You can dig deeper into integrative thinking and other benefits for yourself and those around you. It helps you improve yourself toward what is true and good and right and makes life and society better.”

In word chess, both the winner and the loser learns valuable life lessons. They have time to slow down to think of their plans and orientations for the new year.