Vietnam engages in addressing international issues

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(VOVWORLD) - A delegation of 100 Vietnamese military and police officers are working side by side with international forces to search for victims of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey. This is the first time Vietnam has sent forces to a search and rescue mission after an overseas natural disaster. The Vietnamese government sent emergency support of 100,000 USD each to Turkey and Syria.
 Vietnam engages in addressing international issues - ảnh 1Minister of Public Security To Lam (photo: VNA)

Responsibility to address international issues

The Vietnamese rescue forces include 76 military servicemen of the General Department of Logistics and the Collapse Rescue Team of the Army Corps of Engineers. Search and rescue dogs from the Border Guard Command are part of the mission. 42 tons of equipment were delivered to support the rescue work. The Ministry of Defense sends 10 tons of food to Turkey. Minister of Public Security To Lam said the police force consists of 24 officers, firefighters, and medical workers.

“Treasuring the very good relationship between Vietnam and Turkey and the relationship between the Ministry of Public Security and Turkish law enforcement agencies, we sent a mission to Turkey to assist the search and rescue work and provide humanitarian aid to the Turkish people,” Mr. To Lam said.

Upon arriving in Turkey, despite frigid winter weather, the Vietnamese rescue force immediately went to work beside about 8,000 international rescue workers. The Vietnamese sappers were assigned to Adiyaman city, Haci Omer Alpagot commune, Antakya district, Hatay province, one of the places hardest hit by the earthquake.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Tran Trung, Deputy Director of the Trauma and Orthopedics Department of Military Medical Hospital 354, said: “We are assigned to treat people injured in the earthquake. We are determined to do our best to fulfill our duty.”

Colonel Nguyen Minh Khuong, Head of the Ministry of Public Security delegation, said the Vietnamese rescue team is using equipment brought from Vietnam to search for signs of life, including radar, cameras, ultrasound detectors, and concrete drilling and cutting devices. They are also using local excavators, scrapers, and cranes to clear rubble.

The Vietnamese rescue team gave Turkey medicines for emergency treatment, medical equipment, chemicals for epidemic prevention, and equipment for emergency and disaster situations.

International community praises the Vietnamese rescue team

The enthusiasm and professionalism of the Vietnamese rescue team has been praised by Turkish and international rescue forces. Turkish people who narrowly escaped death, met and thanked the Vietnam rescuers for helping them search for missing victims. When meeting international rescuers, they put their right hand over their heart to express their gratitude and appreciation.

 Vietnam engages in addressing international issues - ảnh 2Vietnamese Ambassador to Turkey Do Son Hai (photo: Anadolu Agency)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Turkey Do Son Hai said: “When they saw us coming with rescue equipment and aid, they were very moved. This is the first time Vietnamese rescue forces have joined an international mission in a distant country in very harsh weather. Turkey greatly appreciates our work. We came here promptly and set to work enthusiastically.”  

Lieutenant-general To An Xo, spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, said: “They set off just a few hours after receiving the order, which shows the discipline and professionalism of the Vietnamese rescue force. They are messengers of humanity and peace, who will make a good impression on the hearts of the Turkish people and international friends.”