Vietnam diversifies R&D to prevent Covid-19

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(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam has implemented R&D and applied advanced technologies in the fight against the new coronavirus.
Vietnam diversifies R&D to prevent Covid-19 - ảnh 1

Vietnam is one of very few countries that have successfully produced a real time-RT-PCR test kit for SARS-CoV2.  A kit produced by the Military Medical Academy and the Viet A Technology Company has met the requirements of the World Health Organization. Other countries are now ordering the made-in-Vietnam test kits, some of which have been donated by Vietnam as humanitarian aid.

Vietnam has been using robots to care for and treat Covid-19 patients. Robots are being used to clean and disinfect rooms and to deliver food and medicines to hospital rooms. 

Professor Doctor Nguyen Van Kinh, former Director of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said: “China has used AI, 4.0 Technology, and robots to deliver food and medicine, care for patients, and check patients’ body temperature – work that is usually handled by medical staff. Vietnam has won many awards at the Asia-Pacific Robotics Competitions, so Vietnamese people know how to develop robots, which are proving very useful now in preventing disease transmission.”

Many businesses and organizations have produced disinfection chambers, hand-sanitizing machines, and electronic thermometers. Hospitals have acquired additional respirators and negative pressure rooms and expanded the system of labs capable of testing for SARS-CoV2. Vietnamese scientists are looking for vaccines against the novel coronavirus, but the clinical testing required will take months.

The National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Response has called on all people nationwide to make e-medical declarations to help detect those at high risk of SARS-CoV2 infection.

Tran Dieu Linh, a resident of Hanoi, said:  “Online health declarations are very important for those who travel a lot and come into contact with many people. It helps me to update my health status. If I have any problem, I can receive prompt medical care.”

Diversifying measures against Covid-19 is helping Vietnam to prevent the spread of the epidemic.