Values of Ho Chi Minh Thought confirmed in new era

Anh Huyen
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s struggles for national independence and building of socialism are closely associated with Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and moral example. His career and thought forever illuminated the development path of Vietnam and humankind. Ho Chi Minh Thought has continued to be confirmed and spread in a new era.
Values of Ho Chi Minh Thought confirmed in new era - ảnh 1President Ho Chi Minh and foreign friends 

The central tenet of Ho Chi Minh Thought is the ideology of peace, humanity, compassion, and friendship among nations, which embodies his aspiration for world peace, equality, and happiness. Through rapid changes in Vietnam and the world, Ho Chi Minh Thought has maintained its value, particularly in the context of integration.

“People in 5 continents, 4 oceans are friends”  

In September, 1949, President Ho Chi Minh said in an interview about Vietnam’s external policy with reporter Elie Massie of the International News Service that Vietnam befriends all democratic states and has no quarred with anyone.

In 1946 he introduced an open foreign policy promoting “friendly Sino-Vietnam” and “comprehensive cooperation with the US”.

Values of Ho Chi Minh Thought confirmed in new era - ảnh 2President Ho Chi Minh meets ordinary people 

Russian reporter and poet Osip Emilyevich Mandelstam once wrote that he saw in Nguyen Ai Quoc a culture of the future. His noble acts and deep voice suggested a future of peace and friendship all over the world.  

Ho Chi Minh Thought on great unity, national conciliation, and friendship outlasted his time and still has great validity today. Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Trong Phuc, former Director of the Institute of Party History, said: “The ideology of peace and friendship among nations expressed by the words “people in 5 continents and 4 oceans are friends”, which President Ho Chi Minh uttered 70 years ago, has kept its value and importance with the world caught in tensions and disputes which will require cooperation to resolve.”

Continuing to popularize Ho Chi Minh Thought  

In November, 1987, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization adopted a resolution to celebrate Ho Chi Minh’s 100th birthday, honoring him as “a Vietnamese national liberation hero and a great man of culture.” The resolution urged countries to celebrate President Ho’s birthday by organizing activities to remember and honor his thought and contribution to the cause of national liberation.

Doctor Nguyen Trong Phuc, said: “These activities have illuminated President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career as well as Vietnam’s land and people. To honor President Ho Chi Minh is to honor the Vietnamese state.”

Ho Chi Minh’s life is a beautiful symbol of patriotism and heroism in Vietnam. Vietnam’s global integration process continues to spread Uncle Ho’s message around the world.