Vaccination accelerated in border provinces

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -  Vietnam is accelerating vaccination nationwide to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 as soon as possible. In border provinces, COVID-19 vaccines are being administered to border guards and locals.


Vaccination accelerated in border provinces - ảnh 1Vaccination is accelerated in border provinces(Photo: VNA)

The health care sector in Lang Son province has vaccinated traders who trade with China, foreign students, and local people who want to visit their relatives in China. Vaccination sites and areas for screening and post-injection monitoring have all the necessary equipment. And everyone is required to follow Vietnam’s disease prevention measures. Two people who have been vaccinated told VOV:

'I want to thank the State for paying attention to us and prioritizing us in vaccination. We live in border areas and have frequent interactions with China. With vaccination our health is protected and we can continue to trade.'

"The government is doing its best to administer vaccines to the public. I’m happy to be vaccinated. I feel safe with the vaccination because the vaccines have been internationally certified.-

Border provinces Quang Ninh and Cao Bang have each received 130,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Localities there have finished administering first doses and are preparing to administer second doses. The Hua Bum border guard station in Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province, manages 25km of border with 18 villages and 6,000 people. All the border guards at the station have been vaccinated to keep them safe while doing their job preventing illegal entries.

Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Toan, the Chief of the Station, says 'The soldiers’ health is good following their vaccination. Their duties are to prevent illegal entries and halt illegal imports or exports at the border. Getting vaccinated makes them feel safer at work.'

COVID-19 vaccination in border localities is aimed at herd immunity by 2022. Despite limited vaccine supplies, the Government, ministries and localities are prioritizing vaccination in these areas to keep any more of the virus from entering Vietnam.