Tea Masters Cup Vietnam 2019 opens

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(VOVWORLD) - 24 contestants are competing at the Tea Masters Cup Vietnam in Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province. The event, organized by the Vietnam Tea Association, is part of the Hoang Su Phi Culture-Tourism Week 2019.
Tea Masters Cup Vietnam 2019 opens - ảnh 1

The idea of the competition came from Russia, which has the world’s largest tea growing area. The contest has been organized 7 times in several countries and this is the fourth time it has been held in Vietnam. The contestants present two types of tea, one at the discretion of the contestant and the other suggested by the judge. They also have to show off their skills in making tea snacks, and tasting, classifying, and mixing tea. The winner of this contest will be invited to participate in the World Tea Masters Cup. Judges include tea experts from Vietnam, China, Russia, and the Republic of Korea. Nguyen Thi Anh Hong, Vice Chairwoman of the Vietnam Tea Association and the contest’s chief organizer, said: “This year’s contest is larger than previous contests in the number of contestants, judges, and participating enterprises. Shan Tuyet tea from Ha Giang province is being used in this contest. We selected the 5 best teas of Ha Giang.”

Huynh Huu Duy, a contestant from Da Lat, said that he learns new things about tea at this contest.  Ly Mui Phuong of the Phin Ho Tea Cooperative in Ha Giang province said: “At this contest I learn from other contestants experience in tea making . I’m very happy to introduce Shan Tuyet tea of Hoang Su Phi to Vietnamese and foreign friends.”

Hoang Su Phi district, with more than 4,600 ha of tea growing and productivity of nearly 13,000 tons, is one of Ha Giang province’s largest tea growing areas. Hoang Su Phi tea has received a geographical indication certificate and is recognized as heritage tree of Vietnam. The Tea Masters Cup Vietnam is part of activities to promote the image of Hoang Su Phi’s land and people.