Radio harnesses communications for social development

Le Phuong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -The 16th National Radio Festival 2024 is taking place in Thanh Hoa province this week with the participation of radio and TV stations nationwide. In the era of multimedia, radio has maintained its position as a mode of communication that can broadcast information instantly to millions of listeners anywhere, anytime.
Radio harnesses communications for social development  - ảnh 1The 16th National Radio Festival 2024 takes place in Thanh Hoa province on July 9-17, 2024.

With modern equipment and large broadcasting capacity, radio broadcasts now cover more than 90% of Vietnam's territory, allowing people in every region to hear radio programs with good sound quality.

Radio broadcasts reach remote mountains and islands

Expanding radio coverage to remote, mountainous, border, and island areas has been one of the priorities of the Vietnamese Party and State. This has been realized by VOV’s special channels targeting listeners in those areas.

Since its inauguration in 1993, the VOV4 channel has broadcast Party guidelines, State policies and laws, and the social, economic, and cultural news of ethnic groups to those minority groups in their own language.

VOV4 broadcasts in 13 ethnic minority languages (Khmer, Cham, Mong, Thai, Dao, Ede, Ba Na, Gia Rai, K'Ho, M'Nong, Xe Dang, Co Tu and Tay-Nung), with a total broadcast time of 30 hours a day. VOV4 has become a forum where people in remote areas can express their thoughts and aspirations to the Party and Government.

Associate Professor Dr. Buon Krong Tuyet Nhung, Deputy Director of the Center for Social Sciences and Humanities of Tay Nguyen University, said: “People’s quality of life has been improved by knowing the policies and guidelines of the Party and State. Over 75% of the program’s effective content will affect people’s daily activities and their awareness of the value of promoting indigenous culture.”

VOV radio now reaches Vietnam’s sea and island audience. In June 2023, VOV inaugurated its South Central Broadcasting Station, which relays programs of VOV1 (news and current affairs) and VOV5 (VOVWorld programming) to Vietnam’s south central coastal provinces, soldiers and other residents of the Truong Sa archipelago, and sailors on boats and ships at sea.

Chamaléa Thi Thuy, a National Assembly deputy for Ninh Thuan province, said: “VOV’s station in the south central region has stirred up excitement. It broadcasts the latest information of the Party and State to the people of Ninh Thuan province and other localities. VOV's programs will keep fishermen at sea well informed.”

Radio renovation

Radio is facing fierce competition from other forms of media. Experts say developing radio on digital platforms is a vital task for future development.

In recent years, in addition to increasing radio coverage domestically on the VOV1, VOV2, VOV3, and VOV4 channels and overseas on VOV5, VOV has been transforming digitally to reach a wider public. VOV’s programs are now broadcast on and, on social network platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and Podcast, and on digital platforms developed by VOV – VTC Now, VOV Media, and VOV Live.

VOV President Do Tien Sy said: “We believe renovation is vital for development. We’re constantly improving interactivity to get closer to our audiences. Multimedia platforms improve the quality of radio programming. Audiences inside and outside Vietnam benefit by enjoying the best, most attractive programs. Radio staff and other people working in communications will continue to carry out the mission of harnessing communications for the development of society.”

The ongoing National Radio Festival themed "Vietnam radio – diversity in digital transformation" is a continuation of VOV’s pioneering role in developing radio broadcasting.