Paying gratitude to national contributors

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(VOVWORLD) -Localities nationwide have organized activities to pay gratitude to people who engaged in and sacrificed their lives for national independence. The activities have educated the younger generation about Vietnam’s triumphant history and encouraged them to work harder for national construction.
Paying gratitude to national contributors - ảnh 1They laid wreaths at Ho Chi Minh Monument in Gia Lai province (photo:

 The Vietnam War Veterans’ Association and the Vietnam Young Volunteers’ Association have co-organized activities to honor war veterans in the Central Highlands and help them locate former comrades. The events have helped young people learn more about history and the national resistance wars, and rallied them to activities to pay gratitude to social beneficiaries.

Lieutenant-general Nguyen Song Phi is Vice President of the Vietnam War Veterans’ Association: “The soldiers, after returning from military service, worked in many different fields. Many of them have engaged in activities to help young people build their own careers. Many war veterans’ children are now successful businesspeople. Their families have been role models for fellow villagers.”

Paying gratitude to national contributors - ảnh 2 Art performance to celebrate War Invalids and Martyrs Day (photo:

The Youth Union of Quang Tri province, the Youth Military Committee, the Political Department of Military Zone 4, and local agencies and organizations burnt incense to pay tribute to war martyrs at Truong Son cemetery. 1,500 Youth Union members and students attended the ceremony.

Senior lieutenant-colonel Dinh Quoc Hung, Head of the Youth Military Committee and chief organizer, said: “We want to remind young people of our traditions and of our ancestors’ merits. They should fully understand their responsibility in national construction and defense.  Young people have participated in programs to pay gratitude to martyrs, invalids, and their families.”

Young people in Can Tho city have regularly engaged themselves in the movement called “Remembering the source of the water we drink”. Nguyen Tan Tri of the Can Tho Technical Economics College said: “We pledge to study harder and follow the moral example of the soldiers. We’ll contribute our youth and knowledge to building a more prosperous Vietnam.”

The anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day is an opportunity for young people to take care of national contributors and their families.