Opportunities seized for socio-economic development

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(VOVWORLD) - "Solidarity, discipline, innovation, timeliness, efficiency, flexibility" is the motto of the government’s socio-economic management in 2023. 
Opportunities seized for socio-economic development - ảnh 1Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the conference. (Photo: VNA)

This year is an important milestone in the national 5-year socio-economic development program. The Vietnamese government is determined to seize opportunities for socio-economic recovery and development and building of an independent and self-reliant economy in association with effective international integration.

The Government of Vietnam resolutely strives to successfully implement the 2023 plan and obtain more achievements than in 2022 to meet the expectation of the people.

Determined to act to turn danger into opportunity

While the global economy is forecast to face various uncertainties, the Vietnamese government is determined to unite and turn will into actions to flexibly adapt to the new situation.

The Vietnamese government will improve its analysis and forecasting capability and develop prompt scenarios and solutions. Vietnam continues to implement a firm, proactive, flexible, and effective monetary policy in combination with fiscal policy and other policies. The government will promote effective management to balance exchange rate and interest rate, interest rate and inflation, and inflation and economic growth, according to the situation.

At the government's online conference Tuesday to review work done last year and plans for this year, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized bravery, proactivity, flexibility, and creativity in leadership and direction.

The Prime Minister, government, sectors, and localities should promote unity and consensus, take challenges as momentum to strive, raise high the spirit of self-reliance, and rely mainly on internal strength while taking external force as important conditions.  

The government is determined to effectively handle regular tasks and pending issues, promptly respond to urgent and unexpected issues in the short term, and at the same time implement medium- and long-term solutions. Ministries and sectors will strive to remove difficulties, find effective solutions and policies to help production and business and implement immediate and long-term tasks, and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.

Consensus at all levels

Vietnam's economy recorded important achievements, with a GDP growth rate of 8.02%, the highest rate in the region. Achievements were recorded in import, export, and disbursement of foreign investment capital, a result of the effort of every citizen, enterprise, the whole political system, and the government.  

At the government’s online conference with localities on Tuesday, the participants affirmed their determination and commitment to strive to achieve more than last year.

Secretary of the Thanh Hoa provincial Party Committee Do Trong Hung said that in 2023, Thanh Hoa is determined to achieve a GDP of 11% in all sectors. Chairman of the Hanoi municipal People's Committee Tran Sy Thanh said that Hanoi has set out 22 key socio-economic development targets, including a GRDP of 7% or more and a consumer price index below 4.5%.

Opportunities seized for socio-economic development - ảnh 2Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi (photo: NA Office)

Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi said: “Credit will be concentrated in prioritized areas such as social housing, houses for workers, and real estate projects to resolve legal conditions to quickly satisfy real estate market demand. It’s necessary to speed up the implementation of the government's Resolution 31 on incentive interest rates for social housing investment, upgrading old apartment buildings, renting and buying social houses and houses for workers. It’s proposed to reduce, defer, or prospone taxes for real estate businesses in difficulty and medium- and long-term capital sources for the real estate market should be considered.”

Opportunities seized for socio-economic development - ảnh 3Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Thang (Nhan dan newspaper)

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Thang said: “We need to focus on completing key projects and works on schedule to ensure quality, including component projects of the North-South Expressway project, the component projects of the Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1, and Terminal T3 of Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Investment plans should be made to allocate capital to targeted projects while maximizing the resources of society and developing transportation infrastructure.”

The National Assembly’s Resolution targets GDP growth of 6.5% and an average consumer price index of 4.5% in 2023.