Lien Khuong becomes first international airport in Central Highlands

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(VOVWORLD) - Lien Khuong airport officially became an international airport on Monday by decision of the Minister of Transport. This is a significant milestone for the transportation sector in Lam Dong province, which will boost local socio-economic development.
Lien Khuong becomes first international airport in Central Highlands - ảnh 1Lien Khuong becomes first international airport in Central Highlands

Lien Khuong airport, originally named Lien Khang airport, began construction in 1933.

Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan said: " We will implement coordinated measures to upgrade the airport and adopt policies for its long-term development. This will facilitate travel, enhance international cooperation, boost the tourism sector, drive socio-economic development, and ensure national defense and security."

Lien Khuong airport has a runway more than 3,200 meters long and 45 meters wide, serving 2 million passengers annually. By 2030, it will have a capacity of about 5 million passengers and 20,000 tons of cargo per year. Under a vision until 2050, the airport's capacity is projected to increase to 7 million passengers and 30,000 tons of cargo annually. The existing runway will be extended by 350 meters.

Nguyen Ngoc Phuc, Vice Chairman of the Lam Dong provincial People's Committee, said the upgrade of Lien Khuong airport to international status will drive local economic growth.

"We hope the upgrade will facilitate direct flights to countries worldwide and boost development, particularly in international tourism and the export of agricultural products, vegetables, and fruits, at lower costs and faster times,' said Phuc.

Making Lien Khuong airport an international airport is also expected to attract more investors in the tourism and service sectors, creating new job opportunities for local residents.