Implementation of Party platform on national construction progresses

Lai Hoa
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -  The 12th Party Central Committee convened its 10th Conference in Hanoi on Thursday to discuss a draft report on the 10-year implementation of the Platform on National Construction in the transitional period to socialism. The Platform which was revised in 2011 inspires the whole political system and people of all social strata to participate in Party and administration building and socio-economic development.

Implementation of Party platform on national construction progresses - ảnh 1The 12th Party Central Committee convenes its 10th Conference in Hanoi on May 16,2019 

Developing a socialist-oriented market economy is a remarkable achievement after 10 years of implementing the Platform on national construction in the transitional period toward socialism.

Party resolution realized

The Platform points out the need to promote rapid and sustainable growth. During the last ten years, Vietnam’s economy has grown. Its GDP growth rate last year was the highest since 2011. Vietnam’s major macro balances have been maintained, SOE restructuring strengthened, bad debts, public debts and banking problems settled, people’s lives improved, social security ensured, and international integration accelerated. Last year Vietnam earned more than 40 billion USD from agriculture exports. Doctor Ha Phuc Mich, President of the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, said: “The last 10 years of implementing the Party Platform and the Party’s Resolution on Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas have resulted in remarkable improvements in farmers’ lives. The poverty rate has fallen sharply. Vietnam’s achievements in poverty reduction have been recognized by the UN.”

Since the 12th National Party Congress, Vietnam’s institutions and policies have been fine-tuned. The National Assembly has translated Party resolutions into resolutions on socio-economic development, financial planning, mid-term investment plans, and economic restructuring plans. Le Thanh Van of the NA’s Committee on Financial and Budgetary Affairs said: “All the NA resolutions are based on the Party resolutions on economic relations, politics, civil affairs, science, and technology. Since the 12th National Party Congress, the whole political system, state agencies, the government, and judicial agencies have institutionalized Party resolutions.”

Public support for and trust in the Party leadership

The 2011 Platform emphasizes that Vietnamese people are building a society of prosperity, national strength, democracy, equality, civilization, and ruled by the people. This is the aspiration of the people and the correct choice of the Party. The people are always united, hard working, and creative. They support and trust the Party leadership. Professor Doctor Nguyen Dang Dung of the Law Faculty of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, said: “We have made certain progress after 10 years of implementing the Party Platform. We have revised the Constitution to embrace direct democracy via public opinion polls and representative democracy. For the first time the Constitution stipulates the goal of protecting human rights as well as the regime. The roles of state agencies have been made clearer. These show that the state is of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

The 2011 Platform points out the importance of preventing and combating major threats including incorrect guidelines, bureaucracy, and moral degradation of Party officials and members. The Party has resolutely implemented resolutions to build a stronger and cleaner Party and to strengthen the Party leadership.

After 10 years of implementing the Party Platform, Vietnam has obtained remarkable achievements in politics, economics, culture, and society on its path to socialism.