OCOP improves the brand of U Minh dried snakeskin gourami in Ca Mau

Tran Hieu
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -Dried Siamese gourami in U Minh forest, also known as U Minh dried snakeskin gourami, a famous culinary product of Ca Mau province, has been granted a collective brand certificate. This food has been an increasingly sought after delicacy, especially when it’s produced to OCOP standards.
OCOP improves the brand of U Minh dried snakeskin gourami in Ca Mau - ảnh 1People in the U Minh region usually dry snakeskin gourami for longer use.

Snakeskin gourami is a freshwater fish abundant in Ca Mau province. People in the U Minh region usually process this type of fish by drying it, but it can also be grilled or fried. It has long been one of the most famous dishes of Ca Mau province.

In recent years, the area devoted to farming snakeskin gourami in Ca Mau, and in Tran Van Thoi district in particular, has steadily increased. The district’s 210 hectares of ponds produce about 4,000 tons of gourami.

The Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam recognized the brand “U Minh dried snakeskin gourami” in 2011. Since then, the collective trademark has become widely known, especially after the "One Commune, One Product" program was implemented. Ca Mau authorities have helped dried snakeskin gourami producers improve their product quality and design logos for their products.

Ba Duc, the owner of a local facility, said, “In the past, I wanted my family's products to participate in the OCOP program, but our products only met the standards for 3-star items. We have been trying to improve the quality. The higher the product quality, the higher the price we can get. Because our products are delicious and hygienic, we have our own market.”

OCOP improves the brand of U Minh dried snakeskin gourami in Ca Mau - ảnh 2Thanks to the OCOP program, product patterns have been improved and more eye-catching.

To achieve a 3-star OCOP rating, the most difficult standard is the one for food hygiene and safety. Local production facilities need cold storage and dryers to ensure quality. These are sizeable investments.

Thanks to participating in the "One Commune, One Product" program, local companies have been given the money they need to buy that equipment. Now they are less dependent on the weather than they were in the past.

Tran Van Tam, owner of the Tam Oanh Dried Snakeskin Gourami Company, says his products have gained 3-star OCOP recognition.

“My facility already has warehouses, yards, and drying ovens, meeting all requirements. What we need now is to expand the market. We can ensure that the output is higher year after year. I want to improve the quality of my products to achieve 4-star OCOP recognition with a target of eventually reaching 5-star status. We now need certifications like ISO and guarantees from relevant agencies to be eligible for further development,” said Tam.

Tran Van Thoi district has 6 production facilities registered to use the "U Minh dried snakeskin gourami" brand, three of which have met the standards for 3-star OCOP items.

Tran Thanh Hai, Chairman of the Farmers' Association of Tran Van Thoi district, said that, since being granted the collective brand, his sales have grown rapidly.

Hai said the provincial authorities, who are developing an e-commerce floor, consider it a positive direction to support the development of local OCOP products.

“We have to make sure that OCOP-recognized facilities are committed to maintaining quality and improving it. The packaging and labeling must be regularly updated. We’ve provided training on how to use the “U Minh dried snakeskin gourami” brand and how to put OCOP products on the province’s e-trading floor. This has helped them rapidly expand their domestic market,” said Hai.