Lao Cai preserves, develops traditional craft villages

An Kien
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(VOVWORLD) - 20 of 30 craft villages in Lao Cai province are involved in making traditional items, mainly in brocade embroidery, silver carving, incense making, bamboo and rattan weaving, and forging. The traditional villages and crafts promote the unique culture of each ethnic group, improves people's lives, and boosts local economic and social development.
Lao Cai preserves, develops traditional craft villages - ảnh 1A Tay ethnic woman in Nghia Do commune in Bao Yen district is weaving brocade products. (

Some of Lao Cai’s traditional craft brands have become widely known, including the brocade sewing and embroidery of Ngai Tro hamlet in Y Ty commune and Ni Xi hamlet in Pha Long commune, and the brocade weaving of the Tay, Giay, and Thu Lao ethnic people.

Lao Cai also has many other traditional crafts that can be turned into tourism offers, such as the knitting of the Ha Nhi ethnic group in Y Ty commune, the plowshare forging of the Mong ethnic people in Ban Pho and Na Hoi commune, and the incense making of the Giay and Mong ethnic people in Bat Xat and Si Ma Cai district.

Brocade products made by members of the Xa Pho Women's Brocade Club in Sa Pa district have been exported to the US, Italy, France, Japan, and Australia.

The bamboo and rattan weaving club of Muong Bo commune in Sa Pa town produces items that combine traditional and modern features, items such as flat winnowing baskets, sieves, fishing baskets, fruit baskets, and decorative lanterns. All have been well received by the market.

Nong Van Hoc, a member of the club, said, “Each person is in charge of one step in the production process. One splits bamboo. One weaves the strips. We help each other turn out products with unique patterns that will appeal to customers.”

Lao Cai preserves, develops traditional craft villages - ảnh 2Ha Nhi ethnic peope in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, are knitting bamboo baskets. (Photo:

Four villagers who live in Vo Lao commune in Van Ban district share an interest in embroidery and sewing the brocade items and traditional costumes of the Tay people. Their group makes many products that are popular with tourists, generating about 310 USD per month for each member.

Hoang Thi Truc said, “Each of us performs one step. If anyone falls behind, we give them a hand. We take a break during the harvest season. This work provides us a stable income.”

Doan Van Tinh, Vice Chairman of the Vo Lao Communal People’s Committee said local Tay people’s weaving and sewing has great potential because more and more tourists are interested in traditional craft items.

“The work creates products for the market and jobs for local people. The commune administration has called on village elders to guide younger villagers to preserve and develop their traditional culture,” said Tinh.

Lao Cai has more than 120 products that meet the standards of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program and hopes to have 150 OCOP items by 2025.

In recent years, Lao Cai's tourism sector has grown. A greater number of tourists has encouraged the craft villages to expand production and improve product quality.

Under the province’s Plan for Developing Rural Crafts until 2025 with Orientation to 2035, Lao Cai is making craft production more sustainable and in line with the preservation and promotion of ethnic culture.