Lai Chau promotes model rural hamlets

Khac Kien
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Traditional houses, tortuous rock pathways, and cultural traits of ethnic minority groups typify mountain hamlets in Lai Chau province. The locals are joining efforts to upgrade these hamlets under Vietnam’s new-style rural development program.  

Lai Chau promotes model rural hamlets   - ảnh 1The spacious and clean way leading to Lao Chai hamlet 1 

(Photo: Quy Trung/VNA)

Located on a mountain side, Lao Chai hamlet 1 in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province is home to Mong ethnic people. To support government efforts to improve local living conditions, the Mong people there have agreed to contribute labor, land, and money to build roads and install standard toilets. The now beautiful and hygienic hamlet is attracting a greater number of visitors, which is boosting local incomes and reducing poverty.

Vu Thi Soi, a tourist from Yen Bai province, says she is impressed by the hamlet’s scenery, cleanliness, and hospitality. She thinks these thinkings will create unforgettable memories for visitors.

“I have been to many places. This is the fifth leg of my journey. The scenery here is majestic and breathtaking. The people here are very hospitable,” Soi said.

Lai Chau promotes model rural hamlets   - ảnh 2Lao Chai villagers have money earned from tourism services to beautify the hamlet. (Photo:

Cu A Vang, head of Lao Chai hamlet 1, says the villagers have willingly donated money to make the village more beautiful.

Vang says: “Previously there were no roads so it wasn’t easy for visitors to buy locally made products. Since the infrastructure was upgraded, many people have come here. The local living standard has much improved.”

Tam Duong was the first district selected by Lai Chau province to develop a model rural hamlet in combination with tourism development. Currently, 5 of the district’s 13 communes meet the new-style rural standards. 120 hamlets have access to electricity and 40 hamlets have met requirements for free coverage, beauty and cleanness. Three villages are promoting community tourism.

Lai Chau promotes model rural hamlets   - ảnh 3 Lao Chai villagers agree to contribute manpower and land to build roads.


Tu Huu Ha, Chairman of the Tam Duong district People’s Committee, said a model rural hamlet builds on the advantages of its plants, domestic animals, and environment, and says no to obsolete customs.

“We will help support businesses link with local people to promote tourism in combination with agricultural development and invite other villages to visit and learn from successful model hamlets. The district will focus its resources on planning and developing more beautiful, cleaner, and greener hamlets while preserving the culture of local ethnic groups.  We’ll help young people visit Sa Pa to learn how Sa Pa does tourism services.”

The movement to build model rural hamlets in combination with community tourism development will boost the many villages with strong tourism potential in Lai Chau province and help to reduce local poverty.