Happy farmers in Binh Khe

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(VOVWORLD) - Quang Ninh province’s goal is to comprehensively improve the material and spiritual life of farmers and rural residents in accordance with the happiness criteria of the national target program on building new-style rural areas. Thanks to the locals’ solidarity, many mountain and island areas in Quang Ninh, including Binh Khe mountain commune, have become role models in meeting the happiness criteria.
Happy farmers in Binh Khe - ảnh 1Inter-village roads and intra-field roads in Phu Ninh are now wide and clean as the State has supported cement and materials over the years. (Photo: Truong Giang)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong in Phu Ninh hamlet, Binh Khe commune, Dong Trieu town, told us that her family’s economy began to change when they participated in the new rural development program.

She recalled, “In previous years, we only cultivated only one crop. When the new rural development program was launched, I restructured the crop, replaced litchi trees with red-fleshed dragon fruit trees.”

In recent years, local farmers have switched to growing Yen Tu yellow apricot trees, which grow well and are more profitable. One household has sold an apricot tree for 38,000 USD. A household can earn 13,000 USD a year or up to 30,000 USD. A few even earn 43,000 USD, said Hong.

Hong's family is just one of many households in Phu Ninh hamlet who have successfully transformed their economic model. Many farmers have applied high-tech to selecting seeds, incubating seedlings, controlling temperatures, and irrigating their plants, resulting in high-quality fruits.

With 142 hectares, Binh Khe is the largest flower growing area in Dong Trieu town. Recently, the province has expanded the growing area of Yen Tu yellow apricot trees.

Using new varieties, the province now has three seasons of crops a year.

The local farmers have also given the village a face-lift, donating their land to widen roads and install sidewalks.

Trees have been planted along both sides of the village road. Inter-village roads and intra-field roads are now wide and clean. A shady park gives the elderly and the children a place to relax and play.

The courtyard of the local community house is another place for villagers to get together. The most interesting place in Binh Khe is the local art club, whose members produce and perform live shows for the public.       

All these changes are attributed to local people’s solidarity, said Tran The Sinh, the hamlet’s head.

“The new rural development is quite special in Phu Ninh, which is home to eight ethnic groups,” said Sinh, adding that each group has its own tradition and customs.

According to Sinh, at first it was very difficult to implement the rural building program here.

“The biggest obstacle was the local mindset. We had to persuade them step by step, and even held private meetings to convince stubborn individuals. But now 98% of our crops have been restructured and our roads have been paved. The per capita income of Binh Khe residents is now 3,800 USD a year,” he added.

A sufficient life and a developed community have made the Binh Khe residents happier, says Nguyen Thi Hong, adding  “So far I’m very satisfied. My family is quite well-off now. The villagers are happy and united.”