Ha Nam traditional craft villages catch up with trends

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(VOVWORLD) -Ha Nam province is famous for many traditional crafts with widely known products and a line-up of skilled artisans. A craft village economy plays an important role in the rural economic structure in Ha Nam, especially in generating jobs, increasing incomes for workers, and enhancing the rural modernization process. Local traditional craft villages are now trying to catch up with new trends to develop sustainably.


Ha Nam traditional craft villages catch up with trends - ảnh 1At Nha Xa silk weaving in Moc Nam commune, Duy Tien town (Archive photo: baohanam.com.vn)

Ha Nam’s well-known craft villages include An Hoa embroidery, Nha Xa silk weaving, Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan craft, and Doi Tam drum making. There remain many craft villages engaged in making agricultural products such as: Cheu rice sheet village, Voc wine making village, and Nhan Hau braised fish village.

To survive in the modern technological world, these villages are looking for new directions to preserve their craft tradition while making a profit.

Di Tam drum making village in Tien Son commune, for example, has added modern machinery to the production process to reduce labor, increase productivity, and improve product quality. And a couple of establishments have designed some new products, says Nguyen Hung, the owner of a drum workshop.

“In addition to making drums, we’ve studied European methods of making wine barrels and bathtubs of various kinds,” said Hung.

26 of the 32 craft villages in Ha Nam have been officially recognized and currently employ more than 18,000 workers. Production facilities have improved their designs and product quality, and have developed new products.

Ha Nam traditional craft villages catch up with trends - ảnh 2Artisans of Do Hai fine art lacquer village (Photo: langngheviet.com.vn)

After studying what customers want, Do Hai fine art lacquer village has begun producing daily use products for export to Europe.

Local artisan Nguyen Van Cong told VOV that Do Hai products are made of used bottles and sea snail shells, which are very popular with customers. And in the near future they hope to expand the market and create more jobs for locals.

Ha Nam province has always created favorable conditions for business households and cooperatives, especially ones that make OCOP products.

As a result, Quyet Thanh pottery village, Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan village, and Voc wine making village are firmly established in the market. They have helped to preserve and promote the local culture, says Tran Van Tuong, a representative of the provincial Craft Village Association.

“Many craft villages and associations are very dynamic and creative in introducing new elements to ensure a stable income for the villagers,” said Tuong.

To help craft villages grow, Ha Nam’s administration has been encouraging them to expand their production scale, invest in better technology, and use advanced production techniques. Ha Nam has promoted the expansion of craft markets through trade fairs and other promotion activities to widely introduce craft products.