Ethnic women in Dak Lak province helped with livelihoods

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(VOVWORLD) -The project “She thrives”, jointly sponsored by CARE International in Vietnam and its partners, is being implemented in Buon Ho town, Dak Lak province. It aims to improve the livelihoods of rural women and ethnic minorities by giving them the tools and resources they need.
Ethnic women in Dak Lak province helped with livelihoods - ảnh 1The “She thrives” project teaches ethnic women how to raise and care for cows and goats. (Photo: VOV)

H Rung Mlo of Ea Kjoh A hamlet in Buon Ho town is classified as a poor family. With no land, just a low and unstable income from seasonal work, it’s hard for her to raise her two school-age children.

The local administration has given her a breeding cow and a pair of breeding goats, and the “She thrives” project has taught her how to care for the livestock.

“Before I was given a cow and goats, I had no prospect of economic growth. Now, thanks to the livestock, we have more income. I hope I can stay healthy enough to care for my livestock and my children,” said H Rung Mlo.

The “She thrives” project is sponsored jointly by CARE International in Vietnam, an international humanitarian agency that delivers emergency relief and runs long-term international development projects, the Center for Community Development, and other donors.

Buon Ho has a great potential for agricultural development that hasn’t fully been tapped. It’s home to a large population of ethnic minority people who have trouble in accessing production resources and markets.

Vu Lan Huong, the project manager of CARE International in Vietnam, said the project has three goals.

“First, to increase production capacity. Second, to improve access to financing and financial management. And third, to enhance access to input and output markets. These are all essential to building a sustainable livelihood. There are activities to strengthen the connection between community members and promote the voice and role of women in every step from production to consumption,” said Huong.

The project has helped women and ethnic people in Buon Ho town, using a learning-by-doing model, to learn how to build stables, mix feed, prevent livestock diseases, balance revenue and expenditures, cut costs, establish a savings habit, and mobilize community capital to create a loan fund.

Links have been organized between farmers, buyers, and processors to improve the value of products toward participating in the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program.

Ethnic women in Dak Lak province helped with livelihoods - ảnh 2Local villagers participate in a training course sponsored by the “She thrives” project (Photo: VOV)

Over its two-year span this year and next year, the project hopes to promote the livelihood of ethnic women in Ea Drong and Cu Bao commune in Buon Ho town. These two purely agricultural communes where more than 80% of the population is ethnic minority, are suited to raising cows and goats.

Vo Van Su, Head of the town’s Economic Section, said, “The weather and other natural conditions of the two communes are favorable for raising these breeds. The price of goats is very good right now. The local government thinks this project will reduce local poverty and improve people's living conditions. We hope the project will spread.”

Buon Ho has 113,000 people of 22 ethnic groups, most of them are engaged in agricultural production, using traditional methods on a small scale. There has been no linkage into product chains. This project will improve the capacity of ethnic women and elevate their voice, role, and position.